When Vision 2020 takes a pause.

Hey everyone and I really do hope you’re good and I hope you’re not drowning in school work because I am in all honesty.

This lockdown has been a lot of things to many people and for a lot of people including myself it seems like everything we had planned for the year seems to be on hold, like they literally seem to be on lockdown too. I planned to have a detty 2020 since I did not have a detty December, but corona had other plans apparently. I see a lot of things on social media about how you should be productive and make good use of the time and all those kind of tweets. We should be productive but where is the motivation really?

My vision board is even in school at the moment and I’ve not looked at it for almost eight weeks because I never thought I was going to be at home for more than two weeks *sigh*. A lot of things that I wanted to do don’t even seem feasible anymore. The worst feeling is when a lot of people seem to have everything figured out and they are using their time to learn new skills and do better things.

I went through my plans and I figured out there were still things I could do, it is very easy to give up on things when you don’t give them much thought and a lot of us have not done that because we are all still ‘vibing’ apparently. One thing on my list this year was to check up on people more and this long break has provided a very good opportunity to do that which is a plus. I also wanted to read more books (I have done terribly at this) but thinking about it, there is enough time now that would make achieving that a lot easier now. There are still things I have figured I won’t be able to do until I am back in school and. An example is hosting my first party or get-together (whatever it is called lol and I don’t want it online). I have come to understand that some things are beyond my control and it really is just what it is.

I would probably have to wait till a much later time to be able to do some things and that is perfectly fine and I should not beat myself up about it and you shouldn’t either, take things at your pace and actually visit your plans and re-strategize. It is very easy to feel like you are stuck or stagnant because everyone seems to be moving forward. This does not leave out the fact that at some point you would have to decide to discipline yourself and just want to be able to do more. I don’t even know how to explain discipline, but just make conscious efforts consistently.

Thank you for reading, you all have all my love and I really hope you learnt something here. I believe you have to survive first before anything else. Don’t forget that everyone deserves a measure of love and please be safe.


My name is Toyosi Adeniran (actually “Adeniran Ifeoluwatoyosi Abigail” which is quite long lol ) and just call me “TheToyosiAdeniran” because I feel like the ‘the’ gives it this catch and makes it seem like it’s just one name. You know the way some people say they are something by day and another thing by night, well I am a medical student everyday (both day and night). I am also an aspiring public speaker and very passionate about people knowing their rights and having those rights protected. And above all, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.


  • Oluwatoni Emmanuel Ogunfusika

    Truth is, as much as you think people have it all figured out, they don’t, we just think they do. Anyways, I also don’t think we need motivation to do stuff that’s important or really matters to us, the best we can do is show up or try it out irrespective of how we feel.

  • Babs Ifektive

    “You make your choices and then your choices make you”.
    I feel the best time to start anything is “now”. Then with time, you begin improving and getting better at it (with dedication and consistency).

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