Heyyyyyyy everyone, it feels so good to be back here. I sound like someone that had to leave yeah? A girl has been all around and is back, I am still trying to get a hang of this consistency thing. I do not even know if it is exactly hard or if I am just really lazy but I am sure it is either of the two. I hope to figure it out soon enough. Medicine does not make it easier too.

Stereotypes are everywhere in the Nigerian society. The irony of it all, they are either never true or only partly true. They are always inaccurate, always. I believe it is very unfair to define a person by some unwritten principle you picked up somewhere. I am grateful for social media because that is where I actually learnt a lot about this issue. I was very guilty because these are things you somehow pick subconsciously from your environment. Situations where you believe that a person is a certain thing or has certain qualities simply by how they look like, or what they wear or where they work and other baseless reasons.

I believe that individuals should be allowed to express themselves before making inferences about who they are. When someone believes these assumptions, they do not allow individuals express themselves comfortably in their space and miss out on all the good stuff a person has to offer. It will never be okay to put people in a box they do not want to be in and a box they should not even be in. A lot of us have seen this and have actively put work into unlearning these habits. Sometimes you do not even have to say it, you just see that beautiful woman on purple hair and by some means assume that she is irresponsible because she has purple hair, where is the connection?

As a Christian, I have learnt that certain things are not wrong just because I feel it is wrong. The fact that you do not like to wear dreadlocks does not mean someone wearing it is a bad person or is doing something wrong. It is very important like I stated earlier to allow people express themselves before making inferences rather than drawing baseless conclusions. A lot of people are of the opinion that stereotypes will continue to remain a part of the society, and in all honesty I do not know. I know I can choose not to believe in these things and in some way hope it influences the person next to me to get it also and do the same. I have this hope because I learnt it from someone and I believe the cycle will continue.

I really do hope I can be the best version of myself in your space and you can definitely trust that you can be the best version of yourself here. It is easier to figure out when you are willing to learn. Thank you for stopping by, and my new catch phrase- you all deserve pounds and dollars! I have exams this month and a girl really needs prayers. All the news about school I am seeing everywhere, it is well. Remember to stay alert and stay safe too. You have all my love always and never to forget to live in the definition of the word ‘live’ itself.

You are loved and you should never forget that, I will be here to remind you if you forget.

See you next time.


My name is Toyosi Adeniran (actually “Adeniran Ifeoluwatoyosi Abigail” which is quite long lol ) and just call me “TheToyosiAdeniran” because I feel like the ‘the’ gives it this catch and makes it seem like it’s just one name. You know the way some people say they are something by day and another thing by night, well I am a medical student everyday (both day and night). I am also an aspiring public speaker and very passionate about people knowing their rights and having those rights protected. And above all, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.


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