A beautiful day to #EndSARS!

Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you have been good. I missed being here a lot. This definitely is not what I had planned for this week, but it can wait for now- there are more pressing issues to be discussed.

I really do not have so many words to put down at the moment but I know it is absolutely despicable that a unit of the police force charged with protecting the lives of Nigerians has done the exact opposite and that is exactly what the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has done. I mean how else can it be said, the citizens are scared of the men in uniform. It gets annoying because this has gone on for too long, complaints are made, then they make promises of reformation and we are back where we started.

This is exactly why it is time to disband the unit because it has become very clear that reformation is not the solution. Police brutality and social profiling from a unit supposed to make you feel safe says a lot about the government of the country.

I am so proud to be a Nigerian youth at the moment because we are taking responsibility for our future and refusing to allow the government treat us like we do not have a say. Everyone protesting both online and offline, like I would always say, you deserve pounds and dollars. We must be heard!

Friendly reminder that it is a beautiful day to #EndSARS!             

Sending you all my love,


My name is Toyosi Adeniran (actually “Adeniran Ifeoluwatoyosi Abigail” which is quite long lol ) and just call me “TheToyosiAdeniran” because I feel like the ‘the’ gives it this catch and makes it seem like it’s just one name. You know the way some people say they are something by day and another thing by night, well I am a medical student everyday (both day and night). I am also an aspiring public speaker and very passionate about people knowing their rights and having those rights protected. And above all, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.

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