I resumed school!

Hello everyone! How are we doing? I know I said consistency 2021 and I have been slacking, again! I really need to fix up. I hope we have been good these past weeks and doing the most exciting things.

Well, I resumed school some weeks ago and I have been living my best life. I resumed into a new class in a new year and I am so ready to take over the world. I do not even think I have been studying like I should, but I have been really happy. My friends are also the most amazing people. Different people experiencing different things and sharing these experiences with one another will forever be a beautiful thing.

Fiyin and the woman of her dreams- Toyosi

This is not me saying that I have not felt other emotions except happiness, I have been angry a lot of times, I have cried too and there were times I also wanted to be left alone too but in a general sense of things I know that I am happy.

I planned my first party ever guys! It was nothing serious but it was the biggest deal for me and I think I did a great job for a “cake and caprisonne” party.  I have had misunderstandings with my friends too but the most important thing is figuring it out and moving past it. I hope you are doing all the things you set out to do this year. You do not need to take leaps, but make sure you are moving. I hope to be fitter by the end of the year, it has not exactly been easy and I am not doing the most extraordinary things- but I am trying!

Valentine’s day is coming and I hope you all have a day filled with love! You should do the things you enjoy and you already know you have all my love. Don’t forget to chop life this new week, while staying safe and most importantly living.

I love you and till next time,


My name is Toyosi Adeniran (actually “Adeniran Ifeoluwatoyosi Abigail” which is quite long lol ) and just call me “TheToyosiAdeniran” because I feel like the ‘the’ gives it this catch and makes it seem like it’s just one name. You know the way some people say they are something by day and another thing by night, well I am a medical student everyday (both day and night). I am also an aspiring public speaker and very passionate about people knowing their rights and having those rights protected. And above all, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.

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