Mufasa’s Poems.


Tales of a goddess spread across the oceans

The genuineness in her soul is to gasp for

Her beauty on ink is liberating

And still captivating in its default mode

Could there be anything more god like?

She would lay her head on the sea

And use the earth to warm her heart

But her soul is separate from her body

Like Peter Pan’s shadow, it owns itself

She refuses to be responsible for its actions

It is free to choose eternal paradise or hell

All she wants is to walk the earth in solitude


Everytime Greek mythology story feels like Deja Vu

Cause I know I loved a goddess when I think of you

Trapped inside space and time is what it was looking at your eyes

But I snapped out every single time I heard your petty little lies

Right now I’m emotional, I need you out of my head

I wish I could go back and stop myself from slipping into your bed

I never used to drink to get drunk

But now it’s the only time I forget that you’re gone

It’s a funeral with my heart is dressed in black

Stuck in a coffin it yearns to get your love back

Now I see you have to pretend to not remember your name’s Theresa

It’s a sad truth you turned me into the boy who cried amnesia.

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