Therapy Sessions

Hey there Big Guy, How is it going up there?

Please grab a seat, I’m sorry it’s a bit messy in here

I guess it’s the overwhelming doubts and fears that have made my heart dirty

I called you for help, but it seems like you didn’t hear me

It’s been a while, that much I can tell

Without you, nights of pain and anguish, it really felt like hell

I cried out in depression, you didn’t heed my pleas

Drowned out by my demons, I was left on my knees

The world, my sins and desires became my comfort

Left wandering alone, darkness became my cohort

Walls around me caving in, my world was crumbling

“Where are you Lord?”, the only thing my heart was mumbling

But lost and insecure, You found me

Lying on the floor, a broken thing

My heart’s been overcome by death, anxiety and loss

But you still sit here, hearing my stories of what was

Now I know I’m not much when it comes to conventional prayer

Would rather prefer to pronounce my words letter by letter

But there’s still a lot more I want to tell you

I hope you keep listening Lord, because all I utter from my heart is true

I enjoy our talks, I hope you never leave

I hope for your grace and favour, that your truths be revealed to me

I want to be able to call you Father and Friend

And continue our Therapy Sessions till the very end

This felt like a prayer and I hope it makes you feel as safe as I did when writing it! I am glad that I was able to share my work here, thank you!


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