Happy, actually.

I am writing again after such a long time. I feel good. I have not written or tried to write in months, so it feels a bit strange but I remember I still can. It is that feeling you get when you are in an examination hall and there is a question from that topic you have not read in months but you start to answer it and you realize you actually remember it, I am babbling now, but you get it.

Dropping my pictures at random intervals throughout this post!

You know that song that so many people used at the end of last year for their Instagram reels “… thank you for the happiest year of my life…” (singing it in my head as a matter of fact), you will be getting none of that from me this year because eight months into the year and I am quite sure that I have seen happier times. I turned 21 earlier this month and adulthood is kicking my ass, but I am definitely bigger.

I am going to try to answer the obvious question, which no one asked which is the reason why I was away. It is a pretty much simple answer, I just could not cope. I think that sounds a bit melodramatic than I intended it to be, blame the K-dramas please. I just had so many things on my plate coupled with the school work and for the first time ever, I actually watched my grades take a dip due to my extracurricular activities and I realized that I was not exactly immune to that sort of thing. Plus I was always so tired and I just did not enjoy writing anymore, it felt like a chore.

If you are wondering, this is not a post about how the last session was for me. To write that, I need like so much adrenaline because, that was truly the most intense year. I did not know why I was writing this, I just knew that I was ready to write again because I finally missed doing it. Putting my thoughts into text, I realize that I am very happy. I grew a lot in the past few months and it is an experience I would not trade for the world, but not sure if I would like to do it again.

I think I doubled the number of friends I have in eight months, and they are pretty amazing people too. Plus after several unsuccessful attempts at trying to get my friends to address me as “the Queen”, I have successfully gotten them to call me “Big T”. I feel immensely proud of this feat- I actually have a nickname!

Omo ope fr!

So yes, if you are an old reader, thank you and if this is your first time here, thank you too! You deserve money, dollars and pounds actually because who naira epp?

I am discovering that adulthood can be the hardest and most beautiful thing concurrently, so I am back to remind you to “jaiye ori e”, in the ways that you can!

Sending you so much love and till next time (which is sooner than you think),

-Big T!

My name is Toyosi Adeniran (actually “Adeniran Ifeoluwatoyosi Abigail” which is quite long lol ) and just call me “TheToyosiAdeniran” because I feel like the ‘the’ gives it this catch and makes it seem like it’s just one name. You know the way some people say they are something by day and another thing by night, well I am a medical student everyday (both day and night). I am also an aspiring public speaker and very passionate about people knowing their rights and having those rights protected. And above all, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me.


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